Statement from Principal Cindy A. Jarvis, M.A.

We have a comprehensive plan in place for the school year that complies with the LA County Dept of Health. Rest assured that we are Covid-19 compliant with the safety of our students and staff as a priority. We have been working hard here at SFSCS. In addition to our brand new playground, we installed two new water fountains in April that are touchless with chilled, purified water. In addition, we are diligently cleaning our campus daily and disinfecting our classrooms and restrooms. I am looking forward to providing an amazing learning environment for all our students in the Fall. Please know that I have been praying for your families during this time. May God continue to bless you as we work together in educating your student.

“We are many, but in Christ we are all one body. Each one is a part of that body.” Romans 12:5


Cindy A. Jarvis, M.A.

Santa Fe Springs Christian School

Covid-19 Compliant Safety Measures

  • Spaced desks apart in the classroom
  • Removed furniture from classrooms to accommodate more space
  • Put up desk dividers (test taking type)
  • Teachers will wear a clear face shield in addition to a mask
  • Students will be asked wear a face mask when they are in close proximity to others (in the classroom) and can take it off at recess and lunch times while outside
  • Students will have separate recess play zones
  • Classes will stay together all day and not mingle amongst other classes
  • No sharing of food: spread out at the lunch tables
  • Wash hands after every recess and hand sanitizer used throughout the day, when entering or exiting classrooms
  • Temperature taken of each child prior to entering campus
  • One entrance only at the daycare room
  • No visitors on campus

*A comprehensive written copy of this plan is available for viewing in the school office.